Boundless Necromancer
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Boundless Necromancer

Alternative Titles Boundless Necromancer, The Boundless Necromancer, 俺だけチート特性で無限成長, 靠神級天賦無限成長, 靠神级天赋无限成长, 나 혼자 특성빨로 무한 성장, 나 혼자 특성빨로 무한성장, The Boundless Ascension, Boundless Ascension

Synopsis Boundless Necromancer

Boundless Necromancer: Seong-yun Han was just a boy when his parents were killed by monsters unleashed during a mysterious calamity called the “Dungeon Break.” Seven years later, Seong-yun is devastated to find that his grinding efforts to become a Hunter, fierce warriors who seek out and destroy monsters, are entirely in vain, as his fighting attributes have not increased at all. Seong-yun’s world flips on a dime when he accepts an invitation to join the Tower of Trials, an otherworldly realm where challengers must overcome trials that pit them against monsters and humans alike.

Boundless Necromancer

Boundless Necromancer: I never thought I could become a hunter. The world I knew was vastly different from the fantastical realm of monsters and magic that I had only read about in books or seen in movies. Yet, fate had other plans for me, as I found myself standing at the threshold of an extraordinary journey that would change my life forever.

The enigmatic words echoed through the air as I gazed upon the imposing structure known as the ‘Tower of Trials.’ Its dark, foreboding presence sent shivers down my spine, but an inexplicable pull drew me closer. As the words reverberated within me. Was I truly worthy

I could feel the weight of the decision I was about to make. Selecting my difficulty meant determining the level of challenge I was willing to face. It was a crucial choice that would influence not only the trials that lay ahead but also the rewards awaiting me at the end of this perilous journey. It was a test not just of my skills but of my resolve and determination.

As I pondered the possibilities, memories of my life on Earth flashed before my eyes. I had always considered myself an ordinary person, navigating the mundane challenges of everyday life. Never did I think

Yet, here I stood, on the precipice of the unknown, feeling an inexplicable connection to the arcane arts. Perhaps it was the thrill of embarking on an adventure that defied all reason and logic, or maybe it was a yearning to uncover the hidden depths of my true self.

Summoning my courage, I chose a difficulty that seemed challenging but not insurmountable. I knew that pushing myself beyond my limits was essential for growth, but I also didn’t want to be reckless.

Boundless Necromancer

Released 2022
Author Fleecy cloud, Shyatan
Artist 2love
Serialization Naver Webtoon (Naver)Naver Series (Naver)
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Chapter Boundless Necromancer