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F-Class Destiny Hunter
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

F-Class Destiny Hunter

Alternative Titles F級四柱推命ハンター〜運命を強奪せよ〜, F급 사주 헌터, O Caçador de Destinos Rank F, F-Class Destiny Hunter, F Class Destiny Hunter

Synopsis F-Class Destiny Hunter

F-Class Destiny Hunter: In a world where destiny decides the ability one awakens, Seo Gangrim is born with the worst destiny.He awakened as a hunter, but he was the very bottom of the bottom.One day, he is ambushed…[Power ‘Destiny Stealing’ is being activated. You have obtained the power ‘Regression’.]He lost all his teammates to an assassin, but right before dying, he regressed to his past.Right then, Seo Gangrim made the decision never to leave his life to destiny again.

F-Class Destiny Hunter

In a world where destiny’s whims reign supreme, shaping the course of one’s life with unpredictable abilities, Seo Gangrim found himself burdened with what appeared to be the worst destiny imaginable. Awakened as a hunter, a skilled individual in the world of F-Class, Gangrim discovered that he was at the very bottom of the hierarchy, devoid of the prowess and prestige associated with his calling. Constantly overshadowed and underestimated by others, his journey seemed doomed from the start.

As fate would have it, a pivotal moment arrived when Gangrim’s life was forever altered. A sinister ambush left him bereft of his comrades, each fallen to the swift and merciless blade of an assassin. However, just as the shadows of death loomed large over him, an enigmatic power known as ‘Destiny Stealing’ activated within him. In an inexplicable twist of fate, he obtained the power of ‘Regression,’ granting him the ability to turn back time to a pivotal moment in his past.

With this newfound ability, Gangrim’s perspective on destiny and his own life changed dramatically. He refused to be a mere puppet, helplessly dancing to the strings of fate. Instead, he made a resolute decision never to leave his life to destiny’s capricious whims again. This shift in mindset marked the beginning of an arduous but transformative journey for the young Hunter.

Throughout his journey, Gangrim encountered various individuals who either helped or hindered his progress. Some believed in him and saw his potential beyond his initial weaknesses, while others saw him as an anomaly,
As time passed, Gangrim’s reputation began to change. The once-dismissed and ridiculed Hunter evolved into a formidable force to be reckoned with. His strategic thinking, honed from experiencing multiple timelines the end


F-Class Destiny Hunter

Released 2023
Author Anamin, S-Nanyc(REDICE STUDIO)
Artist Uri (ii)
Serialization KakaoPage (Kakao)Kakao Webtoon (Daum)
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