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My Daughter is the Final Boss
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Type Manhwa

My Daughter is the Final Boss

Alternative Titles Ma fille est le boss final, Mia figlia è il boss finale, Putriku Adalah Bos Terakhir, Миний охин бол эцсийн BOSS, Моя донька - фінальний бос, Моя дочь — финальный босс, 俺の娘はラスボス, 我的女兒是滅世大魔王, 灭世女神今年5岁, 내 딸은 최종 보스, My Daughter Is the Final Boss

Synopsis My Daughter is the Final Boss

My Daughter is the Final Boss: Lee Seojun could only watch as his daughter, the witch Lee Seola, turned into the wicked final boss who destroyed the world and brought upon his death. Though never a good dad, as he loses consciousness, Seojun gets a new quest: “Change the Future.” Upon awakening, he sees a 5-year-old Seola standing before him. Now, Seojun must raise Seola to avoid the misfortunes that originally turned her wicked and become the caring father she never had. The price of failure? Only the end of the world.

My Daughter is the Final Boss

My Daughter is the Final Boss : My heart pounded as I came to fully realize the immense gravity of the situation. Indeed, Seol-Ah, my extraordinary daughter, was anything but ordinary. In her tiny hands rested the fate of the entire world, and the immense responsibility of preventing her five misfortunes weighed heavily on my shoulders. With unwavering determination, I knew I had to do everything in my power to guide her down the right path.

Looking into Seol-Ah’s innocent eyes, I saw a spark of something truly extraordinary. Undoubtedly, there was a hidden power within her, one that possessed the potential to either create or destroy. As such, nurturing and understanding this power became not only my sacred duty as her parent but also a profound opportunity to shape the future for the greater good.

The first misfortune was directly connected to her fiery temper. Seol-Ah had a fiery spirit, which, if left unchecked, could easily escalate into destructive tantrums. Thus, teaching her about patience and empathy became not just crucial, but paramount. Seeking the guidance of child psychologists and parenting experts, we collaborated to find the best strategies for managing her emotions. Together, we worked diligently to channel her abundant energy into positive outlets such as art, sports, and storytelling.

The second misfortune involved her natural inclination to isolate herself from others. It was disconcerting to witness Seol-Ah’s tendency to withdraw, fearing that this might lead her down a path of loneliness and darkness. Therefore,

In light of these experiences, supporting her as she fearlessly takes on the challenges that life throws her way. Together, we can overcome anything that stands in our path. Moreover, and I consider myself truly blessed to call her mine. Additionally, as we walk this extraordinary journey hand in hand,

My Daughter is the Final Boss

Released 2022
Author Geulsseunya, RK Studio
Artist RK Studio
Serialization Kakaopage (Kakao)Kakao Webtoon (Daum)
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Chapter My Daughter is the Final Boss