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Alternative Titles Reason to Live (Kwangjin), Tồn Tại Vĩnh Hằng, 存在, 最後の転生, 존재,Existence, Gwang Jin

Synopsis Existence

Existence: One day, it was a herd of ants, on another, it was a large dinosaur. This was the last reincarnation of a being that had experienced tens of thousands of lives.Now, he was born as a human with the power of every single lifeform he had ever been. Why did he have such an ability? Lee Jain finally came to an answer.“I exist to eradicate mankind.”


Existence: The vast tapestry of existence holds tales that transcend time and space, weaving countless lives together. One story revolves around Lee Jain, a being who traversed eons, shifting between forms from tiny ants to colossal dinosaurs. This enigmatic entity experienced numerous reincarnations, leaving an indelible mark on his soul.

However, the question remained: Why did Lee Jain possess such a gift? As he wandered through his past lives seeking understanding, he began glimpsing the truth hidden beneath reality’s surface.

It became apparent that Lee Jain’s consciousness was bound to a grand cosmic purpose. He wasn’t just an individual soul traversing the circle of birth and rebirth; rather, he was an integral part of a greater design, pointing towards mankind’s ultimate fate. Moreover, such a revelation could have crushed a lesser soul; however, Lee Jain was no ordinary being.

His goal was not annihilation, but transformation—to awaken humankind to the consequences of their actions, inspire introspection, empathy, and instigate a paradigm shift towards harmony with the natural world and fellow beings.

In this grand cosmic drama, Lee Jain played the role of a spiritual guide, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all life. Furthermore, he understood and embraced his purpose, viewing himself as an integral part of the universal symphony. Consequently, his journey through reincarnations had led him to this crucial juncture.

And so, the timeless tale of Lee Jain, the being who transcended lifetimes, continued—a saga of purpose, transformation, and the enduring power of existence in all its myriad forms.

With humility and compassion, he set forth on his quest, not as a vengeful deity, but as a benevolent guardian of life. He would use his gifts to sow seeds of awareness and empathy, believing that even the tiniest spark the end


Released 2022
Author Gwang Jin
Artist Kim Kyeong-jun
Serialization Kakaopage (Kakao)Kakao Webtoon (Daum)
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Chapter Existence