Necromancer’s Evolutionary Traits
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Necromancer’s Evolutionary Traits

Alternative Titles Necromancer's Evolutionary Traits, Strongest Necromancer With Evolutionary Characteristics, 進化特性で最強ネクロマンサー, 진화 특성으로 최강 네크로맨서, Shinka Tokusei de Saikyou Necromancer, Necromancers Evolutionary Traits

Synopsis Necromancer’s Evolutionary Traits

Necromancer’s Evolutionary Traits: Makoto Kaneshiro, a former member of the Special Forces, had been spending his days engrossed in video games while struggling to find his place back into society. Suddenly, he receives an unexpected phone call. “Makoto Kaneshiro, is that you?” The caller possesses detailed knowledge of Makoto’s personal information and gaming habits. Caught off guard, Makoto attempts to shut down his computer, but… to his dismay, he discovers the same situation repeating itself, again and again.

Necromancer’s Evolutionary Traits

Necromancer’s Evolutionary Traits: Makoto Kaneshiro, a former member of the esteemed Special Forces, had once been a man of discipline and unwavering dedication. However, after his discharge from service, he found himself adrift, unable to assimilate back into civilian life. Struggling with the haunting memories of his past missions and the sense of purpose he once had, he sought solace in the virtual realm of video games. Immersing himself in the fantastical worlds of pixels and quests, he found momentary respite from the tumultuous reality around him.

One fateful day, as the sun dipped below the horizon and darkness enveloped his apartment, Makoto received a startling phone call. The voice on the other end was unfamiliar, yet possessed an eerie familiarity as it inquired, “Makoto Kaneshiro, is that you?” The tone carried an enigmatic mix of curiosity and intrigue, leaving Makoto on edge.

To his bewilderment, the caller began to divulge intricate details of Makoto’s life – personal information and gaming habits laid bare, as if the mysterious voice had unfettered access to his very soul. It was as if Makoto’s life had become an open book for this mysterious caller to peruse at will. Trembling with a mix of fear and confusion, he attempted to terminate the call and shut down his computer, but to his dismay, he discovered that the same strange situation repeated itself in an endless loop.

With each cycle, the voice seemed to grow stronger, infiltrating not only Makoto’s digital world but also seeping into his psyche. This uncanny intrusion into his life left him questioning his sanity and the boundaries between reality and the virtual realm. As days turned into weeks, Makoto’s descent into this surreal experience became inescapable, rendering him a prisoner to an unseen force.


Necromancer’s Evolutionary Traits

Released 2023
Author Kim Seong-Hoon, TBD Ghost
Artist JangJak
Serialization Piccoma (Kakao)KakaoPage (Kakao)
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