Murim Login
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Murim Login

Alternative Titles Log-in Murim, ログイン武林, 登录武林系统, 로그인 무림, Murim Login, Log in Murim

Synopsis Murim Login

Murim Login: An era where hunters thrive on hunting monsters that come from Gates. Jin Tae-Kyung is a low-rank hunter who picks up a VR machine and accidentally logs into the game, which is set in the world of Martial Arts. After many ups and downs, Tae-Kyung is able to escape this world. The strength and skills, which he received in the Murim were able to be carried over back to the real world. This allows him to continue making a living a hunter. But he decides to return back to the world of Murim, out of care for his NPC friends.

Murim Login

Murim Login: In the not-so-distant future, the world has changed dramatically due to the emergence of mysterious interdimensional portals known as “Gates.” These Gates unleash terrifying monsters and creatures into the world, wreaking havoc and bringing chaos wherever they appear. In the face of this newfound threat, a new profession arises – that of the hunters. Armed with unique abilities and skills, hunters embark on perilous quests to eliminate the monstrous creatures and safeguard humanity.

Amidst this era of danger and excitement, we encounter Jin Tae-Kyung, a low-rank hunter struggling to make ends meet. Life as a hunter is tough, with danger lurking at every turn and the constant pressure to improve one’s skills. One day, fate takes an unexpected turn for Tae-Kyung as he stumbles upon a mysterious Virtual Reality (VR) machine, seemingly unrelated to his profession.

Curiosity gets the better of him, and he decides to explore the VR world that awaits within the machine. To his astonishment, upon donning the VR gear, he finds himself transported into an entirely different reality – a world of ancient Martial Arts, known as the Murim.

Initially bewildered and disoriented, Tae-Kyung finds himself in the midst of a world far different from his own. A place where martial arts masters hone their skills, and supernatural abilities are commonplace but he learns to adapt and thrive.

After numerous trials and tribulations, Tae-Kyung finally manages to find a way to return to his own world. However,

But as Tae-Kyung resumes his ordinary life, memories of the friends he made in the world of Murim haunt him. Those friends, though NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) in the VR game, were more than just computer-generated entities to him. He had forged genuine connections with them, and a sense of responsibility tugs at his heart.

Murim Login

Released 2020
Author Zerobic
Artist Jang Cheol-Byuk
Serialization KakaoPage (Kakao)Kakao Webtoon (Daum)
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