Player Who Can’t Level Up
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Player Who Can’t Level Up

Alternative Titles Level-Up Motaneun Player, Player Who Can't Level Up, The Player That Can't Level Up, Игрок, который не может повысить уровень, 无法升级的玩家, 留級玩家, 레벨업 못하는 플레이어, The Player Who Can't Level Up, Player Who Can’t Level Up, Player Who Can Not Level Up, The Player Who Can Not Level Up

Synopsis Player Who Can’t Level Up

Player Who Can’t Level Up: When Kim Kigyu received his invitation to become a player (a unique-ability player, at that), he thought his struggles were over. But no matter how hard he tries, he just can’t seem to get past level 1! After five years of working as a guide on the lower floors of the tower, he’s finally discovered his ability to link with “Egos” and raise his stats. As his new skills unlock adventures in unexplored gates, Kigyu gets his chance to defy expectations and show the world that rank isn’t everything.

Player Who Can’t Level Up

Player Who Can’t Level Up: In the vast world of gaming, where virtual realms and fantastical adventures intertwine, Gigyu Kim found himself awakened as a player at the tender age of 18. Filled with excitement and anticipation, he believed his life was set on an exhilarating path to success, with dreams of climbing ‘the tower’ and closing ‘the gates’ to become a legendary figure in the gaming community. However, fate had a peculiar twist in store for him – one that would challenge his determination and resilience like never before.


But no matter how valiantly he fought, how many goblins he slayed,

As Gigyu’s peers and friends soared to unimaginable heights in the game, he grappled with feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. Doubts turned into frustration, and frustration turned into despair. There were moments when he contemplated quitting, but a spark of hope always kept him going. He couldn’t let his dreams crumble into oblivion.


With unwavering determination, Gigyu delved into the game’s mechanics, sought guidance from wise sages within the virtual realm, and even consulted gaming experts in the real world. Yet, no solution emerged. It was as if some invisible force denied him the chance to evolve. Still, Gigyu didn’t give up.


As time passed, Gigyu’s journey took an unexpected turn. The gaming community, initially dismissive of his plight, began to notice his perseverance and indomitable spirit. They admired his resolve and started to rally around him. Gigyu’s story of resilience began to inspire players far and wide,

His uniqueness became his strength. Players started accompanying him on quests, hoping to learn from the player who couldn’t level up. Gigyu found himself forming unbreakable bonds with others who had faced similar challenges. They embraced their differences, supporting each other in their

Player Who Can’t Level Up

Released 2021
Author GaVinGe, Parrot Kim
Artist PARK Jungjae, Parrot Kim, Studio Khit
Serialization Kakaopage (KAKAO)Kakao Webtoon (Daum)
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Chapter Player Who Can’t Level Up