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Doctor’s Rebirth

Doctor’s Rebirth Chapter 70 : A Journey Through a Murim World

It was an ordinary day, and I was fulfilling my duty as a medical volunteer abroad. Little did I know that my life was about to take a dramatic turn. Amidst the chaos of a civil war, I found myself caught in the crossfire, shielding a patient from a rebel soldier’s bullet. The pain seared through me, and darkness engulfed my senses.

Quickly regaining my composure, I sprung into action, applying the medical knowledge I possessed to tend to the wounded. As I examined my surroundings, the realization struck me that this was the world of “[The Supreme Demon King],” a renowned Murim novel. The setting had become my reality, and I was now a character in this fantastical realm.

To my astonishment, I soon encountered the rescue team of the “Three Great Doctors.” These legendary healers were revered for their unparalleled medical prowess. Little did I know that my fateful encounter with them would lead to life-altering changes.

Among the unconscious individuals, I discovered one who would shape my destiny – the future Demon King, ‘Yeoharyun.’ My actions had saved his life, and in return, he became indebted to me. Forming an unbreakable bond, we became sworn brothers. From that moment on, I was entwined with the future ruler of the Murim world.

Recognizing my hidden potential, Baekrineuison, a wise and knowledgeable figure, took me under his wing as his disciple. I embarked on a journey of learning and growth, honing my medical skills and delving into the mystical arts of the Murim world. My aim was clear – to become the greatest physician in Gangho, a title that held immense significance in this realm of martial prowess. this realm of martial prowess. the Murim world. end


Doctor’s Rebirth Chapter 70

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